Feed My Hamster

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I'm fascinated by the compulsive need that kids have to argue. I could make a simple statement like "the sky is blue" and they'd feel the need to argue against that until I begin to doubt their sanity. (you thought I was going to say that I doubted my own sanity, didn't you?) Last night was no exception, and in exasperation I asked "Do I have 'argue with me' tattooed on my forehead?" My son quips "No, I think it is on your back."

Saturday, May 15, 2010


My son has Asperger's and he is very very quiet at school. He has two friends, neither of who attend his school. For the most part he goes through his tiny high school with his hood up on his hoodie and (if not in class) his face buried in a book. He is nearly unnoticeable at school and if he attended a large high school he would probably be invisible. We were joking about his invisibility when he said "I don't want to be invisible in college, I'll need to be noticed." I said "Well then you'll have to talk to people." He responded "Gosh darn it, there's always a catch."

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Getting her Goat

My older daughter was teasing my younger daughter. Younger daughter complained to me and I told her to "Ignore her, she is just trying to get your goat." After commenting that she didn't have a goat she went to her room. Shortly thereafter I heard her yell "leave me alone, you big old goat stealing jerk!"

Goat stealing jerk, I'll have to use that someday.